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Apple Watch Edition !18 Karat Gold Latest by Apple

Please Contact 019-6940000 for more information.
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Huawei MediaPad M2 Smart Magnetic Case

Original Huawei Mediapad M2 Smart Case! Official case by Huawei.
RM 99.00 incl GST

HONOR BAND Z1 - Original Honor Msia

Original with 1 year warranty by HONOR Malaysia
RM 259.00 incl GST
RM 159.00 incl GST

Honor Band A2 With OLED Display

Honor Band A2 With OLED Display 2017
RM 189.00 incl GST


Original by Alcatel Malaysia. MERDEKA SALE 2017!
RM 299.00 incl GST
RM 116.00 incl GST

HONOR BAND SS BROWN - Original by Honor M'sia

HONOR BAND SS BROWN-Original Honor Msia.
RM 399.00 incl GST
RM 299.00 incl GST

Huawei Talkband B2 -Original Warranty by Huawei Msia

Original product warranty by Huawei Msia for 12 months. Bluetooth 3.0A+G-sensors, Water and Dust resistance, Single button control, touch screen
RM 558.00 incl GST