Maxis Exclusive Deal @DirectD

Sign up with Maxis at DirectD and enjoy total saving up to RM360!

Enjoy RM20 bill rebate for 12 months for new Maxis postpaid subscription. Open for any device!

Enjoy RM10 bill rebate for 12 months for every new Maxis Fibre/4G WiFi Plan subscription. 


Maxis Postpaid Plans:
• RM48 : 30GB sharable data
• RM98 : Unlimited calls & SMS + 40GB sharable data (entitle for 1 shareline)
• RM128 : Unlimited calls & SMS + 60GB sharable data (entitle for 2 sharelines)
• RM158 : Unlimited calls & SMS + 80GB sharable data (entitle for 3 sharelines)
• RM188 : Unlimited calls & SMS + 100GB sharable data (entitle for 4 sharelines)

Add any shareline for just RM48 per month!

Maxis Fibre Plans:
• RM89 : 30 Mbps
• RM129 : 100 Mbps
• RM149 : 300 Mbps
• RM219 : 500 Mbps
• RM299 : 800Mbps

Maxis 4G Wifi Plans (for area that is not covered by Maxis Fibre) : From RM138 per month.

Subcribe to Postpaid plan (From RM98) and Fibre / 4G WiFi plan to enjoy UNLIMITED DATA on your mobile and your shared lines!