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May be an image of phone, screen and text that says "DIRECTD Qualcomm Snapdragon Gen1 breaking innovations inAI, photogra raphy, gaming, and connectivity exper ences devices Û Xiaomi GT2 256GBROM DM2600 RM2499 Galaxy RM2999 RM2699 RM2999 Galaxy RM3499 Qualcomm Snapdragon Gen ROG Phone 6 ROM 2GBROM Galaxy S22 BROM RM3699 Xiaomi 12Pro S22+ RM3899 OnePlus RM4099 RM4199 Galaxy 256GBROM RM4299 Galaxy S8+ X80 RM4299 Galaxy S22 Ultra RM4999 Galaxy Ultra RM5099 Terms Û āļž Galaxy S22 Ultra RM5499 Conditions Galaxy Ta 12GBRAM RM5899 Ultra RM5399 LABEL"

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[RM1300 OFF] ASUS ROG Phone 6 [16GB RAM | 512GB ROM] #SeriousMurah

ðŸ’ū16GB RAM | 512GB ROM - RM3899 [PROMO RM2599]
RM3899.00 RM2599.00

[RM1900 OFF] Xiaomi 12 Pro | 5G (12GB RAM | 256GB ROM) #SeriousMurah

ORIGINAL set, comes with a 1 Year warranty
RM3899.00 RM1999.00

MOTO Edge 30 Pro [12GB RAM | 256GB ROM | S.DRAGON 8 Gen 1]

𝐋𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐒𝐓 𝐌𝐎𝐃𝐄𝐋! ORIGINAL set, comes with a 1 year warranty by MOTOROLA Malaysia
RM2699.00 RM1999.00

OnePlus 10 Pro 5G [12GB RAM | 256GB ROM] PROMO PRICE RM3499 ONLY!

ORIGINAL set, comes with a 1 year warranty by OnePlus Malaysia 'SEALED BOX CONDITION'
RM4199.00 RM3499.00

realme GT2 PRO 5G [12GB RAM | 256GB ROM]

ORIGINAL set, comes with a 1 year warranty by realme Malaysia
RM2499.00 RM2199.00


ðŸ’ū12GB RAM | 256GB ROM - RM3849
ðŸ’ū12GB RAM | 512GB ROM - RM4399
RM5499.00 RM3849.00

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8 WiFi [8GB RAM | 128GB ROM]