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📱Save up for any item from DirectD in just 3 Steps:

  1. Check the price of what you want from DirectD’s directory here!

  2. Click here to set up your saving plan!

  3. Collect your item when you have completed the full payment! 🥳 



Discount & Freebies: Get freebies, 10% discount and a DirectD BackPack (worth RM79) upon completion of your saving plan (backpack only for item above RM1,000)


“Set up your Saving Plan Now”





• Can I Save Up for anything?

Yes, you can save up anything sold by DirectD, including new launches and out of stock items. However, DirectD BackPack will only be given for pre-orders above RM1,000.


• Can I cancel my saving?

Pre-orders cannot be cancelled or refunded.


• What happens if I miss a payment?

Don’t worry, payments are automatically deducted from your debit or credit card monthly. We will send you reminders and also contact you if you missed a payment. All payments may be forfeited if we have not heard back or received any balance payment within 30 days.


• Can I go to the store to collect my purchase earlier?

Yes you can, but the full payment of your purchase will need to be settled upfront before you collect your item at the store.


• Can I pay for my full purchase earlier?

Yes you can! Please contact our customer support team at +6017 8080375 (WhatsApp message only) 



• Can I pay off my plan earlier?


Yes you can, but there is a two-week waiting period from the date of the purchase before you can pay it off earlier.



• Can I change my mind on the product that I want to buy?

Yes, if the product is cheaper than the former, you will be awarded with the difference in price in the form of DirectD store credit. If the product is more expensive, you will need to pay the difference in price directly to DirectD, with no discount on the additional payment.

Terms and conditions apply*


• Is there a customer hotline I can contact?

Yes, you can contact the Split customer support team at +6017 8080375 (WhatsApp message only) 



Terms and conditions*

  • Upon approval of the saving purchase plan, the account holder must pay for the purchase transaction in instalments over the selected number of months 

  • If the item is out of stock or requires DirectD to order it, the customer may have to wait after completing payment before receiving the product

  • The saving purchase plan can be paid off earlier if desired by the customer

  • The purchase will only be made available for pick up or delivery once the amount of the pre-order purchase plan is fully paid for

  • Discount rewarded to the customer will be provided to the customer in the form of lower monthly payments

  • DirectD reserves the right to adjust the amount of discount that will be rewarded to the customer. Discounts from existing pre-order purchase plans will not be affected.

  • Due to global supply chain disruption, DirectD can only give indications and not guarantee shipping dates

  • Pre-order plans cannot be cancelled. DirectD reserves the right to forfeit all payments if we have not received an outstanding payment within 30 days.